Screen recorder made for the age of remote work!

Share your screen recording while allowing your listeners to respond back with voice, video or screen recording

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Screen Casting for Remote Work

It is always good to have dialog, traditional screen recorders is a monolog

In order to open a dialog on your screen casts follow these steps:

  • Click on the plus button from the top right corner of the FeedbackHero dashboard
  • Select "Screen Recording" from the first drop down
  • Click on the "Start Recording"
  • Select the right screen, application window or chrome tab
  • Click on Share button
  • When you are ready click on Record button
  • Once you are done with your recording, click on Stop button
  • Click on Submit button to save it on FeedbackHero

Let your team express themselves loud and clear

Increase your team's productivity by giving them the power of contextual voice recording along all the other great features of this tool.