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Core Elements

Chat Window

This is one of the core elements of the entire app. Wherever you point and click, a new feedback point is created, by clicking on which you get to this chat window.

It is a contextual chat thread between you and those with whom this feedback is shared about the subject matter on the top of which this feedback button is snapped.

  • You can see a short description and thumbnail of the feedbacks you have provided so that you can easily recognising them.
  • You can tag each feedback while adding them, so that you can later search them based on those tags. This search also can filter the short description of the feedback.
  • By moving the mouse over each of these feedback tiles, you can see further options such as; Share, Export to Trello, Export to Jira, Edit and Delete.

It is called a feedback button, and you can point and click as many of these on a canvas as you wish. By clicking on this, you get the chat window opened.

Resolve Feedback: By clicking on this menu item, you identify that this specific feedback is resolved and it will be displayed in green color.

Delete Feedback: By clicking on this button you will delete the entire feedback chat, be careful as you can’t undo this.

Copy Feedback URL: Using this feature, you can get a unique URL copied on the clipboard so that you can send it to your colleagues via an email or Slack message. When your colleagues clic on this URL, they will be scrolled directly to this specific feedback window.

You can use the following message types in order to express your opinion:

  • Text Chat: You can simply have a normal back and forth chat with your team about the subject matter on the top of which this feedback button is snapped. You can also send emoji smiley as well 😎
  • Upload File: Using this feature, you can upload any file and share it with your colleagues
  • Send Audio: You can record a voice clip and send it to this chat window using this feature.
  • Send Video: Using this feature you can send a video recording from your webcam.
  • Send Screen Recording: Using this feature you can record your screen and send a clip, this way you can express your concern in a bit more detail.
  • Send Files from Extension: You can send the screenshots that you have taken using the chrome extension from this feature.