Website Feedback Simplified
Building a website needs massive back and forth communication between project managers and developers, we simplify it!

Easiest feedback tool for websites

Simply add a live website, point and click anywhere on the website to leave feedback via text or screenshots. Share the project link with your colleagues and clients to get their feedback.

1. Add a live website

After login, click on Add Project and give the URL of any live website and open it.

2. Share the project link

Share the link of the project with your colleagues and clients by just copying it from the browser address bar.

3. Collect feedback

Click on the + button on the top right corner then point and click anywhere on the website to leave a feedback.

Chrome extension for taking screenshots

Leave feedback on authenticated and in-app pages

Using this chrome extension you can take a full page screenshot from any website and automatically upload it to your FeedbackHero account


Collect feedback on any website without the hustle

FeedbackHero is a web collaboration tool via which you can have a chat on any area of a given website by just pointing and clicking.

  • Simplified feedback process
  • Chat back and forth with colleagues and clients
  • Send and receive unlimited messages and screenshots
  • Keep a track of resolved and pending issues

Join our beta users!

This tool is completely FREE for all the beta users. We are super excited to see you try it and let us know your feedback so that we can improve it further. As a young startup, we need your support!