Remote work at its peak of productivity!

Collaborate asynchronously with the power of voice, video and screen recording on any website, screenshot, GitHub code review, Jira comments or Slack messages.
You will reduce at least 30% of your online meetings by using this tool!

How it works?

It is a communication tool that allows your team to become more productive.

  • Take a screenshot and paste it on FeedbackHero
  • Point and click anywhere on the screenshot
  • Express your thoughts with a voice clip, video or screen recording asynchronously

By using this tool, our beta users have reduced the number of Zoom calls they usually used to have to explain a small issue.

In an onsite-office you can roll your chair and discuss something quickly with your colleagues, that is exactly what we are trying to solve for remote teams!


You can try it live on a laptop

Collaborate with your designers

You can upload high/low fidelity wireframes and collect feedback like a hero.

You can also use it to provide feedback on a logo design or basically anything.

Annotate on live websites and design files

Besides the powerful chat widget which allows you record voice clips, video and screenrecording. You can also draw arrows, lines, boxes and circles on a live website or a design file.

Shared whiteboard for your brainstorming

Express more in your brainstorming sessions with free drawing and annnotations powered by voice clips.

Record your screen just like loom but more collaborative

Record your entire screen, explain it with the power of screen recording just like any other screen recording and get back replies with the power of text, voice, video and screen recording.

Take screenshots with our chrome extension

Take full page screenshots of any web page and load it to FeedbackHero for collaboration with just two clicks.

With full page screenshot feature, you can take the screenshot of the entire page of the current chrome tab.

Integrate with your other tools

Export your feedback to Jira or Trello by the click of a button along with the browser navigator object.

Get notified on Slack when someone leaves a feedback so you can stay responsive or by using our Slack app send voice, video and screen recording clips.

Let your team express themselves loud and clear

Increase your team's productivity by giving them the power of contextual voice recording along all the other great features of this tool.